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Colette McInerney Shares Thoughts About Never Not Collective, and Pretty Strong

If you haven’t seen something about Never Not Collective’s kickstarter for their film project, Pretty Strong, you’ve probably been living under a rock. No surprise here: a film made by talented women climbers, about talented women climbers, is in high demand. At least the 1135 backers of the film seem to think so… Less than half way through their campaign,

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Sexism in Climbing. I’m Going There.

Here’s why.   Sierra Blair-Coyle (SBC) is a professional rock climber who pushes the line between Sports Illustrated, and Sports Illustrated – Swimsuit Issue. This has a lot of male and female climbers’ undergarments in a bunch (I may be one of them). Many people have commented upon this subject. Evening Sends did a piece, Mick Ryan did a 4-part series called Climb

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