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The Georgie Abel and Andrew Bisharat Debate

A lot of people have been catching snippets of a debate/disagreement between notable climbing writers Georgie Abel (GA), and Andrew Bisharat (AB), around and about the subject of women in climbing. For years, that subject has manifested regularly in open accusations that the climbing media, if not the community at large, is steeped in latent sexism, and guilty of objectifying women. There

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Sexism in Climbing. I’m Going There.

Here’s why.   Sierra Blair-Coyle (SBC) is a professional rock climber who pushes the line between Sports Illustrated, and Sports Illustrated – Swimsuit Issue. This has a lot of male and female climbers’ undergarments in a bunch (I may be one of them). Many people have commented upon this subject. Evening Sends did a piece, Mick Ryan did a 4-part series called Climb

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