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The War On Nature, and The Battle for Bears Ears

The War On Nature Think of it this way: conservation of resources versus extraction of resources is not a political topic. It’s a war. That’s right, a full-blown war. One side either doesn’t believe that unchecked human consumption is leading to climate change, massive species die-offs, the irrevocable destruction of important ecosystem, and the inherent sanctity of nonhuman entities and

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Breaking News: New Indian Creek Camping Fees Infuriate Privileged White People

MOAB – According to a recent press release by the Friends of Indian Creek, starting September 1, all campers will have to start paying fees in order to stay at the beloved desert campsites–Superbowl, and Creek Pasture–in Indian Creek, Utah. “This is a monumental decision,” claimed incensed climber, Dirt McBagger, “how come nobody asked me?” Indeed, that’s the question many privileged white people–I

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