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The Dawn Wall Rant Exposé, and Words From A Respectable Source

Around 9 o’clock PM, sunday night, I was gushing to my girlfriend about the Dawn Wall Project, and how cool Tommy and Kevin are.  I was showing her the various footage, photos, and writeups, mostly focusing on Andrew Bisharat’s awesome awesome coverage here.  She is not a “climber”, insofar as she does not generally follow or pay attention to all the

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What Nobody Is Saying About the Dawn Wall

So, the Dawn Wall project is obviously the coolest, most groundbreaking, awe-inspiring, mind-blowing thing in the climbing world right now.  Tommy Caldwell is a freaking animal, and as hard a worker as you can find in the pantheon of professional climbers.  And as far as I can tell, Kevin Jorgeson went straight from top-notch boulderer to world-class runout vertical granite

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