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Falling Short: What’s Wrong With the Climbing Media (Is You)

I just finished reading the 2016 edition of Ascent, published by Rock & Ice. To say that I am disappointed would be to imply that my expectations were higher than they had any cause to be. Much of the photography was stunning, artistic, masterful, but commercial and deeply and subtly misogynistic. Much of the writing was catchy and readable, hook-filled

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What’s Up With Marc-Andre Leclerc? An Exposé on the Hungriest Canadian.

In the last year Marc-Andre Leclerc has pulled off a string of truly amazing climbs. Last summer he free-soloed three routes on Mount Slesse in a day and on a recent trip to Patagonia he climbed the first enchainment of the reverse Torre traverse and the first integral ascent of the north face of Cerro Torre, both with Colin Haley, before

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Valley Downfall: How Valley Uprising Distorts Climbing History

We climbers have always been a bit of an insular bunch. To a substantial degree we live in our own little world with our own joys and triumphs and our own concerns and controversies. Yet there is reason to believe that this isolation may be coming to an end; through increasing media exposure and the proliferation of indoor gyms, climbing is creeping ever

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