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Climbing Media Recalled Due to Faulty Hashtags

BOULDER – “We never saw this coming,” a spokesperson for a climbing company that wished to remain anonymous noted, in a press conference today in Boulder, following her company’s recall of a huge collection of photos due to faulty hashtags. “I mean, we thought that people would interpret our message as, like, only half-serious. Like, ‘ok, spend some time exploring, but also

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Shralpine Extremity

I began shralping as a child.  The shralp called to me in a way I cannot put into words.  “Come here, it said, come shralp my shralpy shlopes”, it said.  I suppose I just put it into words.  But it called me in a way I cannot define.  Like a lighthouse beckoning stormbeaten shralpers to safe harbor. The gnar was

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The word ‘condor’, the name of the iconic vulture who has come in many ways to represent Patagonia to me, comes originally from the Quechua name for the bird, “cuntur”.  I was surprised to learn this – though I suppose I should not have been.  I had incorrectly concluded that somehow the word condor was born of the latin word

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