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A Dream For Drew

What follows is an account of a dream I had while I was in Cochamo this past season. I never met Niels Tietze, but I wish I had. RIP, Niels. A Dream for Drew Yesterday, Chance, Megan and I climbed the long lower apron of Walwalun, in the Anfiteatro. It was an exploratory mission. We just wanted to see. What

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A Cautionary Tale

There are places I do not revisit, unless by unbidden memory. A shiver in broad daylight, a cold sweat at midnight. How many of my nine lives have I now used? I fight with writing – afraid to glorify my foolishness. These stories, I know, are the most sellable. You can’t turn away. For each time I have wondered, ‘what

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Siete Venas – A Wild Journey on Steep Granite in an Ever Changing World. By, Miranda Oakley.

In January of 2015, a whirlwind of buses, planes, smells, people, sounds and jungle trudging brought me back to the familiar valley of the Cochamó River, in Southern Chile. Cochamó lies in the Northern reaches of Patagonia, in Chile’s Los Lagos region.  The landscape is marked by volcanoes, jungle, and mountainous ranges separated by estuaries, fjords and lakes. La Junta

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