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Madrock Goes Gender Neutral with Pulse Shoe

Obe Carrion’s latest addition to the Madrock line, The Pulse, is a solid step in the right direction for the future of climbing shoes.  For starters, the concept of Positive and Negative (i.e., wide and narrow) sizing, in lieu of gender stereotyped male and female models is revolutionary.  Who hasn’t tried on and preferred an opposite gender shoe before?  The

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What’s in Your Rack?

Everyone’s got their favorite pieces.  Dude – all you need is a set of Alloy DMM offsets… Aliens or nothing, bro.  TCU is the best small cam hands down.  C3s fit in places nothing else will. Etc Etc. From ropes, to belay devices, to cams, to nuts – everyone has an opinion.  The truth is, most people will prefer the

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The truth about tricams

I recently saw a post on mountainproject about tricams and all their wonderful versatility and manifold uses. This raised an eyebrow.  Now I HAVE climbed at Looking Glass – the tricam afficionado’s coup de grace to end all tricam bashing arguments – and I climbed there (gasp) without using a single tricam.  It was fine.  Horizontally placed cams were, in

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