Rock Climbing in America The Movie

Finally, the long-awaited release of a film three years in the making. Er, maybe more like one hour in the making, and then it got lost on a hard drive for three years.

It is what it is. Mostly boring rambling that only a very strange and captive audience could endure. No rock climbing at all. One naked butt. An interview with an unsuspecting couple. And some other stuff which doesn’t make very much sense.

According to the filmmaker: “It was a very lonely time, living out there in the wilderness. So I decided to make a movie. I’ve never done that before, and I’ll probably never do it again.”

For anyone who can make it through all 50+ minutes, you deserve something. I don’t know what. Icecream and beer, is what I would want. Anyway, treat yourself to something special.

Here it is, folks. Enjoy?




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