Make It Till You Make It is Brendan Leonard’s Best Book. (Or, At Least, My Favorite)


Ah, the drafty corridors of Fringe’s Folly. A place where few are listening, and fewer are talking. A place where a man can say what he wants. A place where nobody exchanges commerce for goods or services, where all things uttered are unutterable truths, where the truth shall set you free. The fringe, the periphery, the…

Anyway, this isn’t about Fringe’s Folly. But Brendan’s new book, Make It Till You Make It,  has my creative juices stirred up in a tizzy, and it’s 11:30 PM (which is late for me), and I feel like writing what I want, how I want. And to hell with the critics!

Why am I writing right now?

It is not because Brendan and I are friends (though we are).
It is not because I think you may be able to sneak in ONE LAST INCREDIBLE HOLIDAY PURCHASE (though I do).
It is not because I’m trying to drive traffic to this enchanted old ruin of a blog (Wes Anderson reference – guess the movie) (though I am).

I am writing because I think this shit is really good.

No, not MY shit, silly. Brendan’s shit! It’s really good! This one in particular, in my humble opinion.

And the reason I want to share this work in particular with you is, I think it is IMPORTANT. I mean, I actually think this world will be a SUPERIOR DWELLING PLACE if humans walk around with less fear, more creativity, and a general stubborn resilience about giving away gifts of beauty. Like Gary Snyder said: A flower// for nothing// an offer// no taker// snow-trickle, feldspar, dirt… Just like that.

So, in honor of Brendan’s OWN WORDS (“Give it away until they can’t live without it”) I am going to give you guys some sneak peaks of the high quality koans of creativity-fueling enlightenment Make It Till You Make It is full of. This is all from the first half – mind you. I couldn’t keep reading past there, was too psyched to start writing. Which, in a funny way, is a big success for the writer in this particular instance.

Enjoy, yall. And don’t forget to BUY THE BOOK. It’s true that if you do you’ll be fueling an EVIL corporation (Brendan self-published – so, in other words, him), but, whatevs, isn’t it all evil corporations these days, anyway?

DISCLAIMER: All those links in this article lead you to a place where you can buy the book.
DISCLAIMER #2: Yo, shit is like dirt-cheap. $7 for print, $3 for kindle. Just saying, dirtbags…

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