I Haven’t Climbed Outside in Weeks, and Here’s Why I Don’t Care


Just kidding.

I do.


Gah, I miss it so much! Touching stone is like a spike to the vein. I swear, it makes life better. Seeing some air between you and your pro, my god in heaven, sweet sweet Balm of Gilead. Oh my tortured soul! How I yearn for rock climbing, for crimps, for friction, and sticky rubber put to good use. The rope in my teeth, a cam in the hand. My god, give me climbing!

Look, I know I can be something of a cynical old fart. The world is !@#$ed, and it seems a bit… what’s the word… it seems stupid to think about climbing while all this crazy shit is going on. But I do. I do think about climbing. All the freaking time. And you do, too.

I recently wrote an article about Adam Ondra for Adventure Journal. In the comments on the facebook post I shared, someone noted: “Most of us could grow as climbers and humans if we were willing to throw ourselves into new endeavors with just a fraction of the passion, work ethic, and willingness to learn that Adam displayed.”

And, fact is, I think that is spot on.

Look, I’m not saying climbers are better people, or that it’s going to save the world. But, today, I’m just taking a moment to give climbing it’s due. Can we, as climbers, be a bit overly-obsessed? Might we better spend our time (at least some of it) reading or writing or thinking about humanitarian issues? Yeah, of course.

But damnit, what good is it to work tirelessly to make the world a better place if you don’t take advantage of the simple joys of being alive? There has got to be balance. You have to take time for yourself, to do the things you love. You have to stay psyched on living, otherwise, what’s the point of the whole big experiment called life?

So today, cyber monday (whatever that means… I love how little climbers care about shopping), I’m giving thanks for climbing. Man, I’m just so freaking happy that my joy in life doesn’t come from getting drunk, or watching football, or buying stuff, or trolling on the internet. I’m so freaking happy I have climbing. Sunrises, sunsets, cold sweats, and mountains for days: check.

So, in honor of National Climbing Day, go climb something. Next week, back to your regular-scheduled programming about everything that’s wrong with the world, and why we’re all miserable human beings for not being more like Mahatma Gandhi.

Peace yall.

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