Mountain Project Considers Name Change Following Recent Disgusting Forum

DENVER – Today, a spokesman for the popular climbing website,, announced that company executives are considering changing their name. The change of heart was apparently brought about due to the incredible amount of web traffic that came from an overtly sexist, and idiotic, post about what women should or shouldn’t do or wear in a climbing gym, and the revealing commentary that followed.

“We are thinking about maybe renaming it Misogyny Project”, the spokesman – who wished to remain anonymous – announced amid much forehead slapping and eye blinking. “We simply feel at this point that the most important aspect of this website is just to make money – not to make the climbing community a safer, more enlightened, more respectable group.”

According to the stooge whose job it is to monitor the forums, and shut down offensive content, “this was just too good to remove from the site.” Not a surprising position, given some of the commentary that emerged in short order.

“No one wears 2 ounces of fabric on their butt because they need to; it is because they want people to look.”

“Quick fact of life whether you necessarily like it or not – if you choose to wear revealing clothing, expect others to look.”

“Inherently, sexism exists everywhere throughout our daily lives because unfortunately that is just the way our planet is.”

“You can write as many articles as you want regarding the topic, but at the end of the day it is how we as humans are biologically wired and it will never go away.”

“Respect is earned, not demanded. Thats how men get it at least.”

And, my personal favorite (in the first five pages of responses before I promptly vomited and moved on to less nauseating things)…

“Say a fella goes out fishing in a lake. Let’s say that fella spends a lot of money on some really tasty bait. This bait is so good it’s called lulu lemon bait. Our fella’s goal is to catch the biggest and best largemouth bass in the lake. However, in the process of trying to catch those bass, our fella reels in several unwanted carp. The carp are kind of annoying in that they’re ugly and it takes time to get rid of them. Since he doesn’t like them, our fella refers to those carp as “creepy.”” Were all gems that had the mountainproject community coming back hungry for more.

Nope, just kidding. I kept reading.

“I am assuming most women if they are intelligent know that if they dress a certain way will attract most guy’s attention. So unless the doctors are going to get on some meds that they force all guys to take it isn’t likely going to change, so that means in an unpolitically correct fashion that if you dress like a slut expect to get looked at like a slut.”

“Honestly maybe they need to come up with a criminal charge that is like half-rape.”

“Like I said if you have been roofied and had that many people touching you than maybe you should be looking at how you are living your life.”

“Solution for female climbers problem at the Gym, gain 100lb and most likely you wont be bothered.”

There was also a follow up thread, called “Response to Those Who Want to Police Women’s Climbing Attire” – but this, too, quickly devolved into many more posts like this: “Honestly, when I see women in tight fitting yoga pants and a top that reveals the most part of their chest at the gym, I’m thinking “that’s cool”. I’m monogamous and don’t usually masturbate from recall, so I don’t need to add that the thought “oh, I bet she’s a dirty little birdy who likes to do the down and dirty, oh, yeah” or “slut” or whatever else is getting these home boys off in the OP’s post.”

When asked by press if they thought the name Misogyny Project was too limiting, and if there weren’t, perhaps, other emotionally laden issues such as #blacklivesmatter, Donald Trump, and Gun Control, that they could capitalize off the traffic from, Mountain Project stroked a devilish horn.

“Hmm,” The Proj itself said, after some thought, “you make a good point. Perhaps Moron Project would be a better name.”

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