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Top 5 Reasons You Should Donate Money to Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson’s Rescue Fund

“Kyle and Scott have not been seen since Monday, August 22… On Sunday, August 28, family and friends initiated a search and rescue effort, assisted by local authorities and another climbing team on the Choktoi. Please help these boys. Death is eminent if we cannot help… With the unreliable weather we are needing more money everyday. Please consider the urgency

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Outdoor Retailer Show Cancelled After Strike at Plaid Factory

SALT LAKE CITY – Outdoors shoppers and schwag enthusiasts were stunned today when the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah closed it’s doors on the Outdoor Retailer show, following a strike at a plaid factory in Bangladesh. “We take this as a very serious act of terrorism,” the Press Correspondent for the show explained. “Plaid is at the heart and the soul

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