Five Things Worth Sharing

Today, I just want to share five things I think are worth sharing. It’s pretty atypical for Fringe’s Folly to do a listicle, or to promote someone or some product. I think that sort of stuff is usually pretty bunk. But, for what it’s worth – none of this is paid for, sponsored content, syndicated, promoted, or in any way linked to my financial growth. These are just things I came across somehow or another, that I think are shareworthy. (shareshareshareshareshare… got it?)

  1. Adventure Journal has a new print quarterly. I know, because I met with AJ’s founder, Steve Casimiro, and saw the magazine in the fresh. It’s beautiful. Like, just, freaking, gorgeous. It feels good in your hands, it smells good, and it even has a story by EB White (yeah, like, Strunk and White EB White). It’s awesome. And while it is expensive, so is craft beer, but nobody bats an eye about buying a couple pints at the bar. So why not do yourself a favor and buy something worth reading that you can’t gaze at vapidly on a glowing zombie screen?
  2. Panorama – The Journal of Intelligent Travel launches. While we’re on the subject of things worth reading, here’s another worthwhile journal, and you don’t even have to unplug your face from the computer to read it! But you can if you want to. They’re going to be sharing a wide range of travel literature in print, and online. The Masthead is intentionally composed of an equal mix of genders, races, skin colors, and nationalities, since it is – after all – a travel magazine. They are trying to shift the paradigm in travel literature away from Eat Pray Vomit, towards something a little bit more enlightening. Check your exploitation at the door.
  3. Tensleep Wyoming is awesome, but not because of the rock climbing. Well, okay, partially because of the rock climbing. I just made my first trip there, and I spent most of the time with my jaw on the floor. Hanging out with a star-studded cast of wild cowboy first ascentionists unlike any plaid-shirt wearing mustachioed semi-hipsterized ironyguzzling climbro you’d run into at an OR show was as refreshing as the mountain air. The only stereotype served up there is that of the American wild west, which is a relief coming from the front range. I didn’t see a brand-labeled shirt, jacket, or pair of pants all weekend. Also, did I mention the climbing? If you go, and you are so fortunate as to meet JB Haab, Charlie Kardaleff, or Mike Snyder, (and there are more – those are just the cats I spent time with) buy these selfless angels of development a beer or twenty. The amount of time, work, and money they’ve put into the place is enough to make my head spin. Also, did I mention the climbing?
  4. The Wilderness Society launches “Our Wild” campaign. What can I say, I’m just a sucker for anyone or anything that, you know, tries to make the world a better place by not constantly raping and pillaging anything that isn’t a human… like, you know, almost everything on the planet. The Wilderness Society, like a slew of other conservation organizations, is commendably trying against all odds to get our attention, and remind us not to sit by with our thumbs up our butts while a bunch of rich congressmen and businessmen get richer by selling off the places that make America not suck to the highest bidder (AKA oil, timber, coal, mining, big-industry-rape-the-land-shite). Click on the link, and play with the thinger-maker to create an awesome picture, and help spread the word about the Great American Land Heist (copyright Fringe’s Folly 2016 – just pulling in $$$ hand over fist every time I write that).
  5. !@#$ google, search for the planet. Have you ever gotten one of those weird facebook solicitations where someone you don’t know and have never even met asks you to share their project on your social media? Usually I chuck them. But this one caught my eye. What’s funny is that someone apparently thinks I’m enough of an influencer to make a difference in his or her site stats. What’s not funny, but just really cool, is that “When you search the web with ‘Search for the Planet’, search ads may be displayed in the search results that generates income. 90% of this income is then donated to environmental charities.” It may not, at the outset, seem as cool as #1-4 on this list; but I think it’s a really cool idea, and maybe a new way to help offset our disgusting internet addictions with planet-saving initiatives. Besides, when I searched for Fringe’s Folly, all that came up was glowing praise in reviews from like the NY Times, Harpers, Atlantic Monthly, and Playboy. So you know it’s legit.


Hooray! Glad you enjoyed the article! You know what you should do now? shareshareshareshareshareshareshareshare….

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