Thank You Climbing

A few weeks ago, a complete stranger came up out of the blue, and shared a poem with Fringe’s Folly. It was FF’s first poem. I loved Charles Marks’ poem – but I also just loved his openness and willingness to put it out there, consequences be damned, let the people think what they may.

Any kind of writing is hard to share, but poetry is so personal, so difficult, and so revealing, that I think it is the hardest. To me, sharing poetry feels like doing a modern interpretive dance you made up in front of a room full of strangers, naked. It’s hard to expect anything but uncomfortable laughs.

That said, I’m gonna follow Charles’ example, and share a poem I wrote today. This has been sitting in my “drafts” folder for months now, just waiting for me to get up the courage to go ahead and publish. Thanks for blazing the path, Charles – hope you all enjoy.

Thank You Climbing

thank you climbing for giving me everything
i’ve come to hold most dear
for stealing me from comfort and boredom
and bringing me to here.

thank you climbing for giving me something
to reach for, without reward.
no accolade or prestige to strive for
to accompany these words.

thank you climbing for giving me nothing
no fame, fortune, or future
no rack to hang my coat upon
nor end to my weary wander.

thank you climbing for everything and nothing
and for all that lies between.
for nothing that doesn’t really matter,
and for everything I need.

thank you granite, grit, and grinning
as the sun sets over the sea;
thank you climbing for bringing me mountains-
for putting the mountains in me.

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