Monthly Archives: November 2015

Living the Dream

This small house is cooking. A fire burns in the woodstove, a clock ticks away the seconds of the evening. I am a guest here, a momentary couchsurfer. Part of me feels strange in my own shoes. ‘Who does this?’, I wonder. I’m 31 years old. Seriously. But it’s been a good weekend.  The Adirondacks are incredible. True adventure climbing on impeccable

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Shralpine Extremity

I began shralping as a child.  The shralp called to me in a way I cannot put into words.  “Come here, it said, come shralp my shralpy shlopes”, it said.  I suppose I just put it into words.  But it called me in a way I cannot define.  Like a lighthouse beckoning stormbeaten shralpers to safe harbor. The gnar was

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