Monthly Archives: October 2015

What Happens When…

“Now how the hell am I s’posed to answer a question like that without sounding like an asshole?” he said, eyes blazing, nose flaring, hairs in the nostrils, old gray hairs coming out of the ears, tattered gray hairs hanging over his ears. “Why do you write.” he stated, scoffing. “Why do you write.” he repeated. “You may as well

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The Blackest Hole of All

Darkness. Complete, thorough, encompassing.  A few measly and mangy stars dot the night sky.  Beyond the dirt road cast yellow in the beam of my headlights, nothing is visible.  Google maps has stopped working.  I don’t need it.  Follow the signs, I was told.  So I do.  Left, right, left, left, right, or something like that. The path is well-marked.  There

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(Who Was Fine, By The Way)

A lot of people have been asking me about the blog, lately, wondering if and when I might continue working on it, with it, what I might do with it, etc.  Perhaps it is not so many people – perhaps it was just my friend, Mike.  I don’t recall.  It may have been two separate Mikes – both friends.  I

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