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What’s Up With Marc-Andre Leclerc? An Exposé on the Hungriest Canadian.

In the last year Marc-Andre Leclerc has pulled off a string of truly amazing climbs. Last summer he free-soloed three routes on Mount Slesse in a day and on a recent trip to Patagonia he climbed the first enchainment of the reverse Torre traverse and the first integral ascent of the north face of Cerro Torre, both with Colin Haley, before

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The word ‘condor’, the name of the iconic vulture who has come in many ways to represent Patagonia to me, comes originally from the Quechua name for the bird, “cuntur”.  I was surprised to learn this – though I suppose I should not have been.  I had incorrectly concluded that somehow the word condor was born of the latin word

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An Interview with Climber and Artist, Jess Campbell

  I first met Jess last year at the world class crag of Index, Washington, as she was making quick and efficient work of a number of Lower Town Wall testpieces.  As I watched her dance gracefully up 10% Meteorological Vinculation, I could tell that I was bearing witness to a true granite aficionado’s love affair with perfect stone.  Her foot and hand

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