The Dirtbag Diaries: The Journey Within

This week, one of the greatest men I’ve ever had the pleasure to know passed away.  Kevin Kelly had a rare quality that is difficult to define – but I think I would call it “warm and calculating”.  He was scrupulous, and had a profound intelligence, but he turned his perspicacity and perceptiveness to fraternity, and helping others.  He held himself above no-one, and made time for everyone.  Kevin had no enemies, and more friends than anyone else I can think of.

When I wrote The Journey Within, I had just made what I thought was the most difficult decision of my life. Looking back, I find it hard to relate.  I am proud of – and at peace with – the decision I made; and I wouldn’t change it in a million years.  I dedicate this piece to my good friend, Kevin Kelly.  Wherever you go, we’ll always be with you; wherever we go, you’ll always be with us.  We love you, Kevin.  See you around.

THE JOURNEY WITHIN – A Dirtbag Diary Short, brought to you by Duct Tape Then Beer.

What do you see out there, Kevin Kelly?

What do you see out there, Kevin Kelly?

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  • I deeply appreciated this story, Chris. It seems we’ve been traveling a similar road: in my early 30’s, reimagining my life, and called to help my best friend care for her dying husband and 1.5 year-old son. Your words echoed my own thoughts and heart experience. Thank you.


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