Monthly Archives: October 2014

Fill in the Blank

Dear ______, It’s me! I made it! El Dorado, the City of Gold, the Yosemite of ___! I’m so excited to be here, and you’re totally right! This really is the Yosemite of ___. The beautiful valleys; the majestic towering walls of perfect white granite; the clear, cool ___ River meandering its way peacefully through the meadows below… what a

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The Index Revival

What if you could create the crag of your dreams?  Mine would be full of soaring splitters, and lasercut corners. Arching dihedrals, and hanging chimneys. Knob-studded faces, friction slabs, tipbusting crimpfests, and glory jug bashing high above the ground.  My dream crag would be close to the car, and full to the gills of four star routes. It would have sport

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The Constant Gardener, The Constant Aggrandizement of Occasional Gardening and Other Heroic Deeds, and the Bitch Fest of One Disgruntled Dirtbag

So there he stood. Covered in dirt, hands so worn and ruined that he could not properly shake my friend’s hand.  Brushes long-since de-bristled, blood and dirt caked to cuticles and stuck in the eye creases, spittle stuck with dirt in the corners of his mouth.  So exhausted from his “day off” that he cannot even refuse my offer to

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