Destination: Cochamo

Cochamo is a special place that cannot be put into words. One enters a dreamlike state, above the clouds, staring at endless granite.


The 1000 meter face of Trinidad Norte gleams in golden light, awaiting suitors. Though a few free routes exist, most of the prime real estate is occupied by aid climbs which await the best big wall climbers in the world for a free ascent.

The climbing here is comparatively young, and undeveloped. New routes go up each year on unclimbed walls, becoming instant classics in the area. The knife edge ridge pictured here is a pretty good place to catch a sunset.

Too bad the climbing here just isn’t very good… Nothing but choss and ugly views. And not that much rock to choose from either.

Amazing aretes and scenic vistas await for adventurous climbers. The Doppler Effect is a fantastic line, but could benefit from a better descent route. As many routes in Cochamo are so young, some peaks do not have a designated rappel route, making descent complicated.

For the more 4th class minded climber, there are plenty of excellent moderate scrambles with out of this world views.

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