Nebraskans and Kansans love Colorado. But it’s a well-known fact that the state’s south, west, and north neighbors – New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming – often don’t. I was recently at a climbing festival in Wyoming. One of the event sponsors – a CO-based company that I won’t name – tossed out a hat into the crowd. It had their

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Climbing Media Recalled Due to Faulty Hashtags


BOULDER – “We never saw this coming,” a spokesperson for a climbing company that wished to remain anonymous noted, in a press conference today in Boulder, following her company’s recall of a huge collection of photos due to faulty hashtags. “I mean, we thought that people would interpret our message as, like, only half-serious. Like, ‘ok, spend some time exploring, but also

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Why I Refuse to Review Brendan Leonard’s Book, 60 Meters to Anywhere


Because everybody else already did. Look. Let’s be honest. If a book’s got a quote from Kelly Cordes on the front cover, and one from Kevin Fedarko on the back, what else do you really need to know? You can probably rest fairly well assured that what’s sandwiched in the middle is pretty legit. Open the front cover, and you’ll see more praise

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Thank You Climbing


A few weeks ago, a complete stranger came up out of the blue, and shared a poem with Fringe’s Folly. It was FF’s first poem. I loved Charles Marks’ poem – but I also just loved his openness and willingness to put it out there, consequences be damned, let the people think what they may. Any kind of writing is

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