There is a store in Boulder Colorado called Neptune’s Mountaineering. They say it’s going under. I’ve been told this used to be the place. Before there were climbing gyms (which are the new de facto congregating zones for the climbing community (along with the internet and various hashtags)), before there were REIs shining like WalMarts anywhere the mountains are calling (and

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Mountain Project Considers Name Change Following Recent Disgusting Forum

DENVER – Today, a spokesman for the popular climbing website,, announced that company executives are considering changing their name. The change of heart was apparently brought about due to the incredible amount of web traffic that came from an overtly sexist, and idiotic, post about what women should or shouldn’t do or wear in a climbing gym, and the revealing commentary

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Breaking News: New Indian Creek Camping Fees Infuriate Privileged White People


MOAB – According to a recent press release by the Friends of Indian Creek, starting September 1, all campers will have to start paying fees in order to stay at the beloved desert campsites–Superbowl, and Creek Pasture–in Indian Creek, Utah. “This is a monumental decision,” claimed incensed climber, Dirt McBagger, “how come nobody asked me?” Indeed, that’s the question many privileged white people–I

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I don’t understand paralysis. Can’t imagine it, can’t relate to it, can’t say I have any close family or friends who are afflicted by it. It is utterly foreign to me. And so, the first time I saw the kickstarter for Craig Muderlak’s film about Enock – a paralyzed climber who dreamed of climbing El Cap – I ignored it,

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Donate Money to Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson’s Rescue Fund


“Kyle and Scott have not been seen since Monday, August 22… On Sunday, August 28, family and friends initiated a search and rescue effort, assisted by local authorities and another climbing team on the Choktoi. Please help these boys. Death is eminent if we cannot help… With the unreliable weather we are needing more money everyday. Please consider the urgency

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