A Dream For Drew

What follows is an account of a dream I had while I was in Cochamo this past season. I never met Niels Tietze, but I wish I had. RIP, Niels. A Dream for Drew Yesterday, Chance, Megan and I climbed the long lower apron of Walwalun, in the Anfiteatro. It was an exploratory mission. We just wanted to see. What

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Message In A Bottle

I have not written here for a long time. This is because for two months I was in blissful reclusion in Southern Chile. I use the word blissful intentionally, hoping you will pick up on my meaning… ignorance equals, dot dot dot. The world slows to a dull murmur in the rainforest. Things like race, guns, police brutality, and various

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The War On Nature, and The Battle for Bears Ears

The War On Nature Think of it this way: conservation of resources versus extraction of resources is not a political topic. It’s a war. That’s right, a full-blown war. One side either doesn’t believe that unchecked human consumption is leading to climate change, massive species die-offs, the irrevocable destruction of important ecosystem, and the inherent sanctity of nonhuman entities and

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