Outdoor Retailer Show Cancelled After Strike at Plaid Factory


SALT LAKE CITY – Outdoors shoppers and schwag enthusiasts were stunned today when the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah closed it’s doors on the Outdoor Retailer show, following a strike at a plaid factory in Bangladesh. “We take this as a very serious act of terrorism,” the Press Correspondent for the show explained. “Plaid is at the heart and the soul

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Nebraskans and Kansans love Colorado. But it’s a well-known fact that the state’s south, west, and north neighbors – New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming – often don’t. I was recently at a climbing festival in Wyoming. One of the event sponsors – a CO-based company that I won’t name – tossed out a hat into the crowd. It had their

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Climbing Media Recalled Due to Faulty Hashtags


BOULDER – “We never saw this coming,” a spokesperson for a climbing company that wished to remain anonymous noted, in a press conference today in Boulder, following her company’s recall of a huge collection of photos due to faulty hashtags. “I mean, we thought that people would interpret our message as, like, only half-serious. Like, ‘ok, spend some time exploring, but also

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